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Go Solar In 5 Simple Steps!

Send American Solar Partners a full copy of a recent electric bill and we will design a solar system for your home.

We send you a preliminary proposal showing your savings, how to pay for your system and discuss the next steps.

We will take shade readings and measurements to finalize your design, and answer any questions.

We will apply for any incentives in your area and give you a final proposal.

Installation – American Solar Partners takes care of everything!

Solar Power

Solar power systems are affordable and becoming more common as many homeowners discover their benefits, including thousands of dollars in electricity savings, increased home values, and lower carbon emissions.

American Solar Partners (ASP) works exclusively with union contractors to ensure quality workmanship and fair labor practices within the solar industry.

To start saving money, get your free solar estimate.

Video: Ted Forker Talks about his Solar Power System




Join union members across New York who are installing solar on their homes!

A 7kW Solar Power System can save you $1,500 – $2,000 a year in utility costs. 

“Our bill went from $275/month to $175/month, and we’re adding a new air conditioner and run 2 pumps for my pool.  Plus, we’re running 3 supplemental heaters so we have to fill the oil tank only once a year versus three — that’s an extra $2000 in savings each year.

I recommend that you go to American Solar Partners and see if you’re a good candidate. They’re going to give you an honest answer.”

– Vito C., IBEW member from Bayport, NY.

Vito saves $4400 per year on energy costs.

“We’re expecting at least 90% of our electricity bill to be offset by the power coming from our roof. We are going to have something like 100 bucks in our pockets every month to be used for something else.”

— Charles S., NYSUT member from Long Island, NY.

Federal and state incentives paid for 67% of Charles’ 28-panel system.

Bob J. from Buffalo saved $1600/yr

Jennifer L. from Long Beach saved $1450/yr

Tom S. from Quincy, MA saved $1400/yr

Julia T. from NYC saved $2000/yr

Anthony from Peekskill saved $1345/yr