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Solar Power

Solar Power is affordable and growing as many homeowners discover the benefits of a solar system including thousands of dollars in electricity savings, increased home values, and less pollution.

American Solar Partners (ASP) works exclusively with union installers to ensure quality workmanship and fair labor practices within the solar industry.

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NYSUT Members Go Solar with American Solar Partners:

Join NYSUT members across New York who are installing solar on their homes!

A 7kW solar system saves you $1,500 – $2,000 a year in utility costs.

That’s like getting a raise of $1.33/hour!

“Do it now, do it fast, and definitely do it with American Solar Partners. It’s good for you financially. It’s good for the environment.”

– Anne P., NYSUT member from Walden, NY.

Anne’s system covers 99% of her electricity usage and saves her $3000 per year on electricity costs. Anne P. from Walden

NYSUT Member

“We’re expecting at least 90% of our electricity bill to be offset by the power coming from our roof. We are going to have something like 100 bucks in our pockets every month to be used for something else.”

— Charles S., NYSUT member from Long Island, NY.

Federal and state incentives paid for 67% of Charles’ 28-panel system. Charles S.

NYSUT Member

Bob J. from Buffalo saved $1600/yr

Jennifer L. from Long Beach saved $1450/yr

Tom S. from Quincy, MA saved $1400/yr

Julia T. from NYC saved $2000/yr

Anthony from Peekskill saved $1345/yr