NYC Is Ready For Solar!

Incentives in NYC (all 5 boroughs) are the best in the country.  You get:

  • Federal Tax Credit
  • State Tax Credit
  • NY State Energy Rebate
  • NYC Property Tax Credit

High power costs in NYC means great savings from solar. Systems typically break even in 5 years.

American Solar Partners covers all five boroughs and all roof types, including flat roofs.

Here Comes Solar and American Solar Partners have teamed up in New York City to help you save money on electricity and fight climate change. American Solar Partners is one of Here Comes Solar‘s qualified installers.

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As Featured In The New York Times:

“They interviewed three installers before choosing American Solar Partners, in part because the firm, based in Mount Vernon, N.Y., used union contractors.

Mrs. Tornquist said that Samara Levine, the firm’s managing director, helped demystify what can be a complicated topic. Ms. Levine explained the billing system, known as net metering, through which homeowners can be credited for any excess energy they feed back to the electric grid.

Mrs. Tornquist said it was important to understand her new meter, which counts backward if more energy is produced by the solar panels than is used in the house.

“It’s incredible that our meter runs backwards,” she said. “And if I see the meter start to run forward, I start turning off our lights.””

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